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Elpis is the Greek word for "Hope" and describes the Elpis Foundation's goal for Romania. The Elpis Foundation became ICE's initial partnership when it was founded in 1999.

Through this partnership, ICE provides summer camps and educational programs for children, assists with social and financial needs of the poor, provides nourishing meals to children at an orphanage in Ilisua, Romania, furnishes schools, delivers relief supplies to victims of seasonal flooding, helps establish churches in rural villages, assists in leadership development for church laity and pastors.

The Elpis Foundation is also the Romanian Satellite for TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute). TUMI is a training program that equips church leaders with a solid Christian education and resources. The Elpis Foundation is translating the Capstone Curriculum into Romanian and conducting training sessions in poor rural regions.


"For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen." ~ Romans 11:36

How You Can Get Involved with Elpis


We need volunteers for short-term mission trips for:

  • Building

    • Vladeasa Ministry Center

    • Elpis Kindergarten

  • Ministering

    • Prison bible study

    • Summer camps for teens and children

    • Soccer camps for orphanage

    • Medical clinics

  • Support for Developing Churches

For more information about our volunteer needs, please contact us.


Donate Items

We are always in need of many items to help us in our mission, including:

  • Additional support for Adi & Monica Gaspar (poor, rural pastor of multiple churches) as they need finances and a home

  • TUMI funding for support of a Training Coordinator and additional Translator

  • Publication of TUMI training materials

  • Kindles for TUMI training materials and bibles

  • Production of TUMI DVDs

  • TUMI funding for training sessions (travel, administration and training costs)

For more information about our material needs, please contact us.


The most important involvement you can lend to our mission is prayer. Please pray for these needs:

  • Adi and his wife Monica that God would open a way for them to be able to stay in Rastu Nou and that he may proclaim the gospel to the villagers

  • Spiritual protection for Elpis staff and their families

  • Church planting with SEND International

  • New staff members to help with administrative duties

  • Additional translating help

  • State support of teacher salaries

  • Development of partnerships with other ministries


Spread The Word

If you believe in the work that we are doing, help us spread the word about what we are doing and the impact we are making by "liking" or "sharing" our pages. People can't volunteer or donate to our cause if they don't know about it. This is a very real way you can support our efforts.

Stay Informed

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